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xlators/protocol/server: lto-type-mismatchHEADmaster
[ 202s] server-common.h:192:1: warning: type of 'server4_post_link' does not match original declaration [-Wlto-type-mismatch] [ 202s] 192 | server4_post_link(server_state_t *state, gfx_common_3iatt_rsp *rsp, inode_t *inode, struct iatt *stbuf, struct iatt *pre, struct iatt *post); [ 202s] | ^ [ 202s] server-common.c:847:1: note: type mismatch in parameter 7 [ 202s] 847 | server4_post_link(server_state_t *state, gfx_common_3iatt_rsp *rsp,inode_t *inode, struct iatt *stbuf, struct iatt *pre, struct iatt *post, dict_t *xdata) [ 202s] | ^ [ 202s] server-common.c:847:1: note: 'server4_post_link' was previously declared here goes back to glusterfs-6 at least. Only a warning, more of a truth-and-beauty thing. Change-Id: Ib4a74b2d00aec519e9d80a4bdeca20eb6273777f Updates: #1002 Signed-off-by: Kaleb S. KEITHLEY <>
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