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authorSanju Rakonde <>2019-10-22 15:06:29 +0530
committerAtin Mukherjee <>2019-11-12 06:17:06 +0000
commit50b6806bb2697246bdc1b9ac5ef19af61584e010 (patch)
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cli: display detailed rebalance info
Problem: When one of the node is down in cluster, rebalance status is not displaying detailed information. Cause: In glusterd_volume_rebalance_use_rsp_dict() we are aggregating rsp from all the nodes into a dictionary and sending it to cli for printing. While assigning a index to keys we are considering all the peers instead of considering only the peers which are up. Because of which, index is not reaching till 1. while parsing the rsp cli unable to find status-1 key in dictionary and going out without printing any information. Solution: The simplest fix for this without much code change is to continue to look for other keys when status-1 key is not found. fixes: bz#1764119 Change-Id: I0062839933c9706119eb85416256eade97e976dc Signed-off-by: Sanju Rakonde <>
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diff --git a/tests/bugs/glusterd/rebalance-in-cluster.t b/tests/bugs/glusterd/rebalance-in-cluster.t
index 9565fae..469ec6c 100644
--- a/tests/bugs/glusterd/rebalance-in-cluster.t
+++ b/tests/bugs/glusterd/rebalance-in-cluster.t
@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@
. $(dirname $0)/../../cluster.rc
. $(dirname $0)/../../volume.rc
+function rebalance_status_field_1 {
+ $CLI_1 volume rebalance $1 status | awk '{print $7}' | sed -n 3p
TEST launch_cluster 2;
TEST $CLI_1 peer probe $H2;
@@ -29,6 +33,11 @@ TEST $CLI_1 volume add-brick $V0 $H1:$B1/${V0}1 $H2:$B2/${V0}1
TEST $CLI_1 volume rebalance $V0 start
EXPECT_WITHIN $REBALANCE_TIMEOUT "completed" cluster_rebalance_status_field 1 $V0
+#bug - 1764119 - rebalance status should display detailed info when any of the node is dowm
+TEST kill_glusterd 2
+EXPECT_WITHIN $REBALANCE_TIMEOUT "completed" rebalance_status_field_1 $V0
+TEST start_glusterd 2
$CLI_1 volume rebalance $V0 start &