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glusterd: avoid setting op-version lower than current cluster op-version
Currently glusterd allow setting a cluster op-version which is lower than current cluster op-version. Though command is successful but it does not set that lower op-version. With this fix it will return error message "Required op-version (requested op-version) should not be lower than current cluster op-version (current cluster op-version)" Change-Id: Ia5b61858ee22a5a26721ec12ab12ff48e1a40c82 BUG: 1315186 Signed-off-by: Gaurav Kumar Garg <> Reviewed-on: Smoke: Gluster Build System <> CentOS-regression: Gluster Build System <> NetBSD-regression: NetBSD Build System <> Reviewed-by: Atin Mukherjee <>
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