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committerKotresh HR <>2019-10-21 15:53:33 +0530
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geo-rep: Fix Permission denied traceback on non root setup
Problem: While syncing rename of directory in hybrid crawl, geo-rep crashes as below. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/libexec/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/", line 118, in worker res = getattr(self.obj, rmeth)(*in_data[2:]) File "/usr/local/libexec/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/", line 588, in entry_ops src_entry = get_slv_dir_path(slv_host, slv_volume, gfid) File "/usr/local/libexec/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/", line 687, in get_slv_dir_path [ENOENT], [ESTALE]) File "/usr/local/libexec/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/", line 546, in errno_wrap return call(*arg) PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/bricks/brick1/b1/.glusterfs/8e/c0/8ec0fcd4-d50f-4a6e-b473-a7943ab66640' Cause: Conversion of gfid to path for a directory uses readlink on backend .glusterfs gfid path. But this fails for non root user with permission denied. Fix: Use gfid2path interface to get the path from gfid Change-Id: I9d40c713a1b32cea95144cbc0f384ada82972222 fixes: bz#1763439 Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <>
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diff --git a/tests/00-geo-rep/00-georep-verify-non-root-setup.t b/tests/00-geo-rep/00-georep-verify-non-root-setup.t
index e753c1f..c9fd8b2 100644
--- a/tests/00-geo-rep/00-georep-verify-non-root-setup.t
+++ b/tests/00-geo-rep/00-georep-verify-non-root-setup.t
@@ -118,8 +118,8 @@ clean_lock_files
TEST /usr/sbin/groupadd $grp
-##Create non-root user and assign it to newly created group
+##Del if exists and create non-root user and assign it to newly created group
+userdel -r -f $usr
TEST /usr/sbin/useradd -G $grp $usr
##Modify password for non-root user to have control over distributing ssh-key
@@ -140,8 +140,6 @@ TEST killall_gluster;
TEST glusterd;
TEST pidof glusterd;
##Create, start and mount meta_volume
TEST $CLI volume create $META_VOL replica 3 $H0:$B0/${META_VOL}{1,2,3};
TEST $CLI volume start $META_VOL
@@ -225,6 +223,26 @@ TEST $GEOREP_CLI $master $slave_url resume
#Validate failure of volume stop when geo-rep is running
TEST ! $CLI volume stop $GMV0
+#Hybrid directory rename test BZ#1763439
+TEST $GEOREP_CLI $master $slave_url config change_detector xsync
+mkdir ${master_mnt}/dir1
+mkdir ${master_mnt}/dir1/dir2
+mkdir ${master_mnt}/dir1/dir3
+mkdir ${master_mnt}/hybrid_d1
+EXPECT_WITHIN $GEO_REP_TIMEOUT 0 directory_ok ${slave_mnt}/hybrid_d1
+EXPECT_WITHIN $GEO_REP_TIMEOUT 0 directory_ok ${slave_mnt}/dir1
+EXPECT_WITHIN $GEO_REP_TIMEOUT 0 directory_ok ${slave_mnt}/dir1/dir2
+EXPECT_WITHIN $GEO_REP_TIMEOUT 0 directory_ok ${slave_mnt}/dir1/dir3
+mv ${master_mnt}/hybrid_d1 ${master_mnt}/hybrid_rn_d1
+mv ${master_mnt}/dir1/dir2 ${master_mnt}/rn_dir2
+mv ${master_mnt}/dir1/dir3 ${master_mnt}/dir1/rn_dir3
+EXPECT_WITHIN $GEO_REP_TIMEOUT 0 directory_ok ${slave_mnt}/hybrid_rn_d1
+EXPECT_WITHIN $GEO_REP_TIMEOUT 0 directory_ok ${slave_mnt}/rn_dir2
+EXPECT_WITHIN $GEO_REP_TIMEOUT 0 directory_ok ${slave_mnt}/dir1/rn_dir3
#Stop Geo-rep
TEST $GEOREP_CLI $master $slave_url stop
@@ -232,8 +250,8 @@ TEST $GEOREP_CLI $master $slave_url stop
TEST $GEOREP_CLI $master $slave_url delete
#Cleanup authorized_keys
-sed -i '/^command=.*SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND#.*/d' ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
-sed -i '/^command=.*gsyncd.*/d' ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
+sed -i '/^command=.*SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND#.*/d' /home/$usr/.ssh/authorized_keys
+sed -i '/^command=.*gsyncd.*/d' /home/$usr/.ssh/authorized_keys
#clear mountbroker
gluster-mountbroker remove --user $usr