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authorShyamsundarR <>2018-08-08 18:29:01 -0400
committerAtin Mukherjee <>2018-08-09 14:42:15 +0000
commit69c557ad8468f9e32090cbef78512f82a98f7043 (patch)
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parent22d5540f5618ea0726a5eab1252163c48124cc06 (diff)
tests: Add ability to preserve older tarball for retried tests
When a test is retried, the cleanup directives overwrite the older tarball with the latest one, thus losing the logs from the failed run. This patch changes to rename the older tarball when retrying a test, thus preserving the same. The tarball is renamed using a time stamp and optionally a trailing sequence number, in case the test fails within the very second. Although the sequence # is not strictly required as we retry only once, it provides a defence for any future enhancements to the same. Fixes: bz#1614062 Change-Id: I9afe486b0b6f6a26f2ad0642e38bc0ba15b3ecc9 Signed-off-by: ShyamsundarR <>
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diff --git a/ b/
index c8eaf9b..5efdc20 100755
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -17,6 +17,38 @@ kill_after_time=5
OSTYPE=$(uname -s)
+# Function for use in generating filenames with increasing "-<n>" index
+# In:
+# $1 basepath: Directory where file needs to be created
+# $2 filename: Name of the file sans extension
+# $3 extension: Extension string that would be appended to the generated
+# filename
+# Out:
+# string of next available filename with appended "-<n>" if applicable
+# Example:
+# Interested routines that want to create a file name, say foo.txt at
+# location /var/log/gluster would pass in "/var/log/gluster" "foo" "txt"
+# and be returned next available foo.txt filename to create. If foo.txt
+# is available then foo is returned, else foo-<n> (where n is the next
+# integer) is returned for use"
+# Notes:
+# Function will not accept empty extension, and will return the same name
+# over and over (which can be fixed when there is a use-case for it)
+function get_next_filename()
+ local basepath=$1
+ local filename=$2
+ local extension=$3
+ local next=2
+ local tfilename=${filename}
+ while [ -e "${basepath}/${tfilename}.${extension}" ]; do
+ tfilename="${filename}-${next}"
+ next=$((next+1))
+ done
+ echo "$tfilename"
function check_dependencies()
## Check all dependencies are present
@@ -320,6 +352,13 @@ function run_tests()
echo " * we got some spurious failures *"
echo " *********************************"
echo ""
+ # backup old tar ball with time stamp
+ # TODO: Using gluster CLI here is possibly not the best thing!
+ logdir=$(gluster --print-logdir)
+ basetarname=$(basename "$t" .t)
+ savetarname=$(get_next_filename "${logdir}" "${basetarname}-$(date +%H:%M:%S)" "tar" | tail -1)
+ mv "$logdir"/"$basetarname".tar "$logdir"/"$savetarname".tar
if [ ${timeout_cmd_exists} == "yes" ]; then
timeout -k ${kill_after_time} ${cmd_timeout} prove -vmfe '/bin/bash' ${t}