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afr: make heal info lockless
Changes in locks xlator: Added support for per-domain inodelk count requests. Caller needs to set GLUSTERFS_MULTIPLE_DOM_LK_CNT_REQUESTS key in the dict and then set each key with name 'GLUSTERFS_INODELK_DOM_PREFIX:<domain name>'. In the response dict, the xlator will send the per domain count as values for each of these keys. Changes in AFR: Replaced afr_selfheal_locked_inspect() with afr_lockless_inspect(). Logic has been added to make the latter behave same as the former, thus not breaking the current heal info output behaviour. fixes: bz#1774011 Change-Id: Ie9e83c162aa77f44a39c2ba7115de558120ada4d Signed-off-by: Ravishankar N <>
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