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tests/quick-read/bug-846240.t: fix a wrong test
Earlier this test did following things on M0 and M1 mounted on same volume: 1 create file M0/testfile 2 open an fd on M0/testfile 3 remove the file from M1, M1/testfile 4 echo "data" >> M0/testfile The test expects appending data to M0/testfile to fail. However, redirector ">>" creates a file if it doesn't exist. So, the only reason test succeeded was due to lookup succeeding due to stale stat in md-cache. This hypothesis is verified by two experiments: * Add a sleep of 10 seconds before append operation. md-cache cache expires and lookup fails followed by creation of file and hence append succeeds to new file. * set md-cache timeout to 600 seconds and test never fails even with sleep 10 before append operation. Reason is stale stat in md-cache survives sleep 10. So, the spurious nature of failure was dependent on whether lookup is done when stat is present in md-cache or not. The actual test should've been to write to the fd opened in step 2 above. I've changed the test accordingly. Note that this patch also remounts M0 after initial file creation as open-behind disables opening-behind on witnessing a setattr on the inode and touch involves a setattr. On remount, create operation is not done and hence file is opened-behind. Change-Id: I739f255e0a62ff0024f0824dad3539974955df99 Signed-off-by: Raghavendra G <> Fixes: bz#1615096
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