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glusterfs-fops: fix the modularity
glusterfs-fops.h was moved to rpc/xdr to support compound fops. (ref:, 2f945b86d3) This was fine as long as all these header files were in single include directory after 'install'. With the move to separate out glusterfs specific header files into another directory inside /usr/include (ref:, 20ef211cfa), glusterfs-fops.h file was not in the proper path when an external .c file tried to include any of glusterfs specific .h file (like xlator.h). Now, we have removed compound-fops, with that, none of the enums declared in glusterfs-fops.h are actually getting used on wire anymore. Hence, it makes sense to get this to libglusterfs/src as a single point of definition. With this change, the external programs can use glusterfs header files. also remove some enum definitions which are not used in code anymore. Updates: bz#1636297 Change-Id: I423c44d3dbe2efc777299c544ece3cb172fc7e44 Signed-off-by: Amar Tumballi <>
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XDRGENFILES = glusterfs3-xdr.x glusterfs4-xdr.x cli1-xdr.x nlm4-xdr.x nsm-xdr.x \
rpc-common-xdr.x glusterd1-xdr.x acl3-xdr.x portmap-xdr.x \
- mount3udp.x changelog-xdr.x glusterfs-fops.x
+ mount3udp.x changelog-xdr.x