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DHT - Removing commit hash and 'magical' return value from rebalance
The order of operation in rebalance is as follows: gf_defrag_fix_layout - > gf_defrag_process_dir - > gf_defrag_get_entry gf_defrag_process_dir is passing to gf_defrag_get_entry a pointer to a variable 'gf_defrag_get_entry', however this value is ignored (remains unchanged in the method). Based on the return value from gf_defrag_get_entry, gf_defrag_process_dir may change it's return value to the 'magical' number 2, however since the value of 'should_commit_hash' never changes, this never happnes. All of this is propagated back to gf_defrag_fix_layout and is now removed from there as well. Change-Id: Ibff297650cf84139bd26c830bfa44f81119b60d4 updates: #1002 Signed-off-by: Barak Sason Rofman <>
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