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socket: fix issue on concurrent handle of a socket
Found an issue on concurrent invoke of event handler to the same socket fd, causing memory corruption. This issue arises after applying commit "socket: Remove redundant in_lock in incoming message handling" that removes priv->in_lock to serialize socket read. The following call sequence describes how concurrent socket event handle happens. thread 1 thread 2 thread 3 epoll_wait() return (slot->in_handler is 0) call select_on_epoll() and epoll_ctl() on fd epoll_wait() return slot->in_handler++ (slot->in_handler is 1) slot->in_handler++ (slot->in_handler is 2) call handler() call handler() Fix this issue by skip invoke of handler if there is already a handler inprogress. Change-Id: I437126ac772debcadb00993a948919c931cd607b updates: bz#1467614 Signed-off-by: Zhang Huan <>
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