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protocol/client: Do not fallback to anon-fd if fd is not open
If an open comes on a file when a brick is down and after the brick comes up, a fop comes on the fd, client xlator would still wind the fop on anon-fd leading to wrong behavior of the fops in some cases. Example: If lk fop is issued on the fd just after the brick is up in the scenario above, lk fop will be sent on anon-fd instead of failing it on that client xlator. This lock will never be freed upon close of the fd as flush on anon-fd is invalid and is not wound below server xlator. As a fix, failing the fop unless the fd has FALLBACK_TO_ANON_FD flag. Change-Id: I77692d056660b2858e323bdabdfe0a381807cccc fixes bz#1390914 Signed-off-by: Pranith Kumar K <>
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