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glusterd / cli: mount-broker service
Mountbroker is configured in glusterd volfile through a DSL which is restriced enough to be able to appear in the role of the value of a volfile knob. Basically the DSL describes set-theorical requirements against the option set which is sent by the cli (in the hope of getting a mount with these options). If the requirements meet and the volume id and the uid who is to "own" the mount can be unambigously deduced from the given request, glusterd does the mount with the given parameters. The use case of geo-replication is sugared by means of volume options which then generate a complete mount-broker option set. Demo: - add the following option to your glusterd volfile: option mountbroker-root /tmp/mbr option mountbroker.fool EQL(volfile-id=pop*|user-map-root=*|volfile-server=localhost)&MEET(user-map-root=john|user-map-root=jane) - before starting glusterd, create /tmp/mbr owned by root with mode 0755 - with cli, do $ gluster system:: mount fool volfile-id=pop33 user-map-root=jane volfile-server=localhost - on succesful completion (volume pop33 exists and is started, jane is a valid username), the mount path will be echoed to you - you can get rid of the mount by $ gluster system:: umount <mount-path> Change-Id: I629cf64add0a45500d05becc3316f67cdb5b42ff BUG: 3482 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Gluster Build System <> Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <>
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