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authorLakshmipathi <>2011-04-15 05:08:47 +0000
committerAnand Avati <>2011-04-15 04:28:43 -0700
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rpm : create new package for geo-replication and preserve symlinks
Signed-off-by: Lakshmipathi.G <> Signed-off-by: Anand Avati <> BUG: 2744 (make geo-replication package friendly) URL:
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diff --git a/ b/
index df7d107..c07666f 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# a descriptive suffix to identify who owns or what the change represents
# e.g. release_version 2.MSW
%define release 1%{?dist}
-%define _libexecdir %{_prefix}/local/libexec/glusterfs
+%define _libexecdir %{_prefix}/local/libexec/
# if you wish to compile an rpm without rdma support, compile like this...
# rpmbuild -ta @PACKAGE_NAME@-@PACKAGE_VERSION@.tar.gz --without rdma
@@ -16,6 +16,10 @@
# rpmbuild -ta @PACKAGE_NAME@-@PACKAGE_VERSION@.tar.gz --with fusermount
%{?_with_fusermount:%define _with_fusermount --enable-fusermount}
+# if you wish to compile an rpm without geo-replication support, compile like this...
+# rpmbuild -ta @PACKAGE_NAME@-@PACKAGE_VERSION@.tar.gz --without geo-replication
+%{?_without_geo-replication:%define _without_geo-replication --disable-geo-replication}
Summary: Cluster File System
@@ -82,6 +86,24 @@ is in userspace and easily manageable.
This package provides support to ib-verbs library.
+%if 0%{!?_without_geo-replication:1}
+%package geo-replication
+Summary: GlusterFS Geo-replication
+Group: Applications/File
+Requires: glusterfs-core >= %{version}-%{release} , python-ctypes , rsync >= 3.0.7
+%description geo-replication
+GlusterFS is a clustered file-system capable of scaling to several
+peta-bytes. It aggregates various storage bricks over Infiniband RDMA
+or TCP/IP interconnect into one large parallel network file
+system. GlusterFS is one of the most sophisticated file system in
+terms of features and extensibility. It borrows a powerful concept
+called Translators from GNU Hurd kernel. Much of the code in GlusterFS
+is in userspace and easily manageable.
+This package provides support to geo-replication.
%package fuse
Summary: GlusterFS Fuse
Group: Applications/File
@@ -104,7 +126,7 @@ This package provides support to FUSE based clients.
-%configure %{?_without_rdma} %{?_without_epoll} %{?_with_fusermount}
+%configure %{?_without_rdma} %{?_without_epoll} %{?_with_fusermount} %{?_without_geo-replication}
# Remove rpath
sed -i 's|^hardcode_libdir_flag_spec=.*|hardcode_libdir_flag_spec=""|g' libtool
@@ -115,6 +137,13 @@ sed -i 's|^runpath_var=LD_RUN_PATH|runpath_var=DIE_RPATH_DIE|g' libtool
%{__rm} -rf %{buildroot}
%{__make} install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
+%{__mkdir_p} %{buildroot}/usr/sbin
+%{__mkdir_p} %{buildroot}/usr/local/libexec/glusterfs
+%{__ln_s} ../..%{_sbindir}/glusterd %{buildroot}/usr/sbin/glusterd
+%{__ln_s} ../..%{_sbindir}/glusterfsd %{buildroot}/usr/sbin/glusterfsd
+%{__ln_s} ../..%{_sbindir}/gluster %{buildroot}/usr/sbin/gluster
+%{__ln_s} ../..%{_sbindir}/glusterfs %{buildroot}/usr/sbin/glusterfs
+%{__ln_s} %{_libexecdir}/glusterfs/gsyncd %{buildroot}/usr/local/libexec/glusterfs/gsyncd
%{__mkdir_p} %{buildroot}%{_includedir}/glusterfs
%{__mkdir_p} %{buildroot}/var/log/glusterfs
%{__install} -p -m 0644 libglusterfs/src/*.h \
@@ -131,13 +160,6 @@ find %{buildroot}%{_libdir} -name '*.a' | xargs rm -f
/sbin/chkconfig --add glusterd
-#creat symlinks
-rm -rf /usr/sbin/glusterd /usr/sbin/glusterfsd /usr/sbin/glusterfs /usr/sbin/gluster
-ln -s %{_sbindir}/glusterd /usr/sbin/glusterd
-ln -s %{_sbindir}/glusterfsd /usr/sbin/glusterfsd
-ln -s %{_sbindir}/gluster /usr/sbin/gluster
-ln -s %{_sbindir}/glusterfs /usr/sbin/glusterfs
#update /etc/
echo "%{_prefix}/lib64" > /etc/
@@ -146,6 +168,7 @@ echo "%{_prefix}/lib64" > /etc/
pidof -c -o %PPID -x glusterd &> /dev/null
if [ $? -eq 0 ];
+kill -9 `pgrep -f` &> /dev/null
/etc/init.d/glusterd restart &> /dev/null
@@ -169,6 +192,7 @@ fi
@@ -183,8 +207,9 @@ fi
%exclude %{_includedir}/glusterfs/
+%exclude %{_libexecdir}/glusterfs/gsyncd
+%exclude %{_libexecdir}/glusterfs/python/syncdaemon/*
+%exclude /usr/local/libexec/glusterfs/gsyncd
%if 0%{!?_without_rdma:1}
%files rdma
@@ -192,6 +217,15 @@ fi
+%if 0%{!?_without_geo-replication:1}
+%files geo-replication
%files fuse