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authorSunny Kumar <>2019-05-13 14:32:53 +0530
committerhari gowtham <>2019-09-27 11:32:48 +0000
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geo-rep : fix mountbroker setup
Problem: Unable to setup mountbroker root directory while creating geo-replication session for non-root user. Casue: With patch[1] which defines the max-port for glusterd one extra sapce got added in field of 'option max-port'. [1]. In geo-rep spliting of key-value pair form vol file was done on the basis of space so this additional space caused "ValueError: too many values to unpack". Solution: Use split so that it can treat consecutive whitespace as a single separator. Backport of >Fixes: bz#1709248 >Change-Id: Ia22070a43f95d66d84cb35487f23f9ee58b68c73 >Signed-off-by: Sunny Kumar <> >(cherry picked from commit 3dd03146bb7037ae2ebea0579d0b81be27fdd927) Fixes: bz#1750228 Signed-off-by: Sunny Kumar <> Change-Id: Ia22070a43f95d66d84cb35487f23f9ee58b68c73
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diff --git a/geo-replication/src/ b/geo-replication/src/
index 54f95c4b38d..ce33f97f43c 100644
--- a/geo-replication/src/
+++ b/geo-replication/src/
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ class MountbrokerUserMgmt(object):
for line in f:
line = line.strip()
if line.startswith("option "):
- key, value = line.split(" ")[1:]
+ key, value = line.split()[1:]
self._options[key] = value
if line.startswith("#"):