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geo-rep: Make automatic gfid conflict resolution optional
Autmatic gfid conflict resolution needs to be disabled during failover/failback as it might lead to data loss in the following scenario. 1. Master went down without syncing directory "dir1" to slave. 2. When slave is failed over to master, if a new file is written inside "dir1", creating dir1 again if not present, "dir1" ends up with different gfid on original slave. 3. When original master is up and failed back, due to automatic gfid conflict resolution, "dir1" present in original master is deleted losing all files and only new file created on original slave is restored. Hence during failover/failback, automatic gfid conflict resolution should be disabled. So in these cases, appropriate decision is taken. fixes: bz#1622076 Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <> Change-Id: I433616f5d3e13d4b6eb675475bd554ca34928573
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@@ -169,6 +169,12 @@ help=Do not sync deletes in Slave
value =
+value = true
+help=Disables automatic gfid conflict resolution while syncing
value = ${gsyncd_miscdir}/${master}_${primary_slave_host}_${slavevol}/