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geo-rep: Fix the name of changelog archive file
Background: The processed changelogs are archived each month in a single tar file. The default format is "archive_YYYYMM.tar" which is specified as "%%Y%%m" in configuration file. Problem: The created changelog archive file didn't have corresponding year and month. It created as "archive_%Y%m.tar" on python2 only systems. Cause and Fix: Geo-rep expects "%Y%m" after the ConfigParser reads it from config file. Since it was "%%Y%%m" in config file, geo-rep used to get correct value "%Y%m" in python3 and "%%Y%%m" in python2 which is incorrect. The fix can be to use "%Y%m" in config file but that fails in python3. So the fix is to use "RawConfigParser" in geo-rep and use "%Y%m". This works both in python2 and python3. Change-Id: Ie5b7d2bc04d0d53cd1769e064c2d67aaf95d557c fixes: bz#1741890 Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <>
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help=Minimum time interval in seconds for passive worker to become Active
help=Processed changelogs will be archived in working directory. Pattern for archive file