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gfapi: fix bad dict setting of lease-id
lease_id is a 16 bits opaque data, copying it by gf_strdup is wrong. Invalid read of size 2 at 0x483FA2F: memmove (vg_replace_strmem.c:1270) by 0xE2EF6FB: ??? (in /usr/lib64/ by 0xE2EE047: xdr_opaque (in /usr/lib64/ by 0x107A97DC: xdr_gfx_value (glusterfs4-xdr.c:207) by 0x107A98C0: xdr_gfx_dict_pair (glusterfs4-xdr.c:321) by 0xE2EF35E: xdr_array (in /usr/lib64/ by 0x107A9A89: xdr_gfx_dict (glusterfs4-xdr.c:335) by 0x107AA97B: xdr_gfx_write_req (glusterfs4-xdr.c:897) by 0x107A181E: xdr_serialize_generic (xdr-generic.c:25) by 0x231044A2: client_submit_request (client.c:205) by 0x2314D3C1: client4_0_writev (client-rpc-fops_v2.c:3863) by 0x230FD5FA: client_writev (client.c:956) Address 0xad659e18 is 72 bytes inside a block of size 73 alloc'd at 0x483880B: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:299) by 0x106BA7EC: __gf_malloc (mem-pool.c:136) by 0x1064521E: gf_strndup (mem-pool.h:166) by 0x1064521E: gf_strdup (mem-pool.h:183) by 0x1064521E: get_fop_attr_thrd_key (glfs.c:627) by 0x1064D8E9: glfs_pwritev@@GFAPI_3.4.0 (glfs-fops.c:1154) by 0x10610C0C: glusterfs_write2 (handle.c:2092) by 0x54D30C: mdcache_write2 (mdcache_file.c:647) by 0x48A3FC: nfs4_write (nfs4_op_write.c:459) by 0x48A44D: nfs4_op_write (nfs4_op_write.c:487) by 0x4634F5: nfs4_Compound (nfs4_Compound.c:947) by 0x460155: nfs_rpc_process_request (nfs_worker_thread.c:1329) by 0x4608A3: nfs_rpc_valid_NFS (nfs_worker_thread.c:1539) by 0x488F12F: svc_vc_decode (svc_vc.c:825) Backport of: > Patch: > BUG: bz#1647651 > Change-Id: Ib9fff55c897bc43c15036a869888e763df133757 > Signed-off-by: Kinglong Mee <> (cherry picked from commit 6d4cd8ce6c0d88d331ffed97c51d3061a3900561) Updates bz#1648938 Change-Id: I881d1e9aeb343d456cbf80d16bc46fd4a81a8e43 Signed-off-by: Kinglong Mee <>
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