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Bash integration script should namespace variables
In the original submitted script, it looks like there was effort put into namespacing all global variables. However a few mistakes remained. GLUSTER_TOP_SUBOPTIONSx were defined, but TOP_SUBOPTIONSx were referenced. This was likely an unrecognized defect in the original code submission? These are now corrected to refer to GLUSTER_TOP_SUBOPTIONSx. FINAL_LIST, LIST, and TOP were leaked into all Bash shells and used by the command completion functions. The most problematic of these was TOP, which was declared with "-i" making it an integer. This cause other code which used TOP to define a path to fail like this: $ bash $ TOP=/abc bash: /abc: syntax error: operand expected (error token is "/abc") These are now qualified as GLUSTER_FINAL_LIST, GLUSTER_LIST, and GLUSTER_TOP to reduce impact on scripts that might choose to use these extremely common variable names. > Change-Id: Ic96eda8efd1f3238bbade6c6ddb69118e8d82158 > Signed-off-by: Mark Mielke <> (cherry picked from commit 89545e745e4075845c18078be67a31dea93a4e88) Change-Id: Ic96eda8efd1f3238bbade6c6ddb69118e8d82158 Fixes: bz#1618838 Signed-off-by: Mark Mielke <>
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