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features/utime: always update ctime at setattr
For the nfs EXCLUSIVE mode create may sets a later time to mtime (at verifier), it should not set to ctime for storage.ctime does not allowed set ctime to a earlier time. /* Earlier, mdata was updated only if the existing time is less * than the time to be updated. This would fail the scenarios * where mtime can be set to any time using the syscall. Hence * just updating without comparison. But the ctime is not * allowed to changed to older date. */ According to kernel's setattr, always set ctime at setattr, and doesnot set ctime from mtime at storage.ctime. Backport of: > Patch: > Change-Id: I5cfde6cb7f8939da9617506e3dc80bd840e0d749 > BUG: 1737288 > Signed-off-by: Kinglong Mee <> Change-Id: I5cfde6cb7f8939da9617506e3dc80bd840e0d749 fixes: bz#1737746 Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <>
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