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doc: AFR arbiter volume usage
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> Use the `force` option at the end of command if you want to create the volume in this case.
+###Arbiter configuration for replica volumes
+Arbiter volumes are replica 3 volumes where the 3rd brick acts as the arbiter brick. This configuration has mechanisms that prevent occurrence of split-brains.
+It can be created with the following command:
+`# gluster volume create <VOLNAME> replica 3 arbiter 1 host1:brick1 host2:brick2 host3:brick3`
+More information about this configuration can be found at `doc/features/`
+Note that the arbiter configuration for replica 3 can be used to create distributed-replicate volumes as well.
##Creating Striped Volumes
Striped volumes stripes data across bricks in the volume. For best