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protocol/client: fixed registration of saved_fds
In client_open_cbk, client_opendir_cbk the list_add_tail macros were invoked with wrong ordered arguments, causing the existing registered fd list to get unlinked from the saved_fds list. The effects of this is far fetched - when transport disconnects, open fds are no more marked bad as they are not reachable from the saved_fds list. After reconnection, resumed access on this fd causes reference to invalid fds on the server. It could appear in the form of 'unresolved fd' error, readdir happening on a file fd, files reading from other files, etc. Signed-off-by: Anand V. Avati <> BUG: 192 (sefault in posix-readdir) URL: BUG: 126 (Immediate segfault when used for rootfs) URL: BUG: 173 ([ glusterfs 2.0.6rc1 ] - "server SEG fault") URL: BUG: 194 (Apache+Booster results in inconsistent download size using wget) URL:
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