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geo-rep: Fix issues with gfid conflict handling
1. MKDIR/RMDIR is recorded on all bricks. So if one brick succeeds creating it, other bricks should ignore it. But this was not happening. The fix rename of directories in hybrid crawl, was trying to rename the directory to itself and in the process crashing with ENOENT if the directory is removed. 2. If file is created, deleted and a directory is created with same name, it was failing to sync. Again the issue is around the fix for rename of directories in hybrid crawl. Fixed the same. If the same case was done with hardlink present for the file, it was failing. This patch fixes that too. fixes: bz#1598884 Change-Id: I6f3bca44e194e415a3d4de3b9d03cc8976439284 Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <>
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