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libgfchangelog: Fix changelog history API
Problem: If requested start time and end time doesn't fall into first HTIME file, then history API fails even though continuous changelogs are avaiable for the requested range in other HTIME files. This is induced by changelog disable and enable which creates fresh HTIME index file. Cause and Analysis: Each HTIME index file represents the availability of continuous changelogs. If changelog is disabled and enabled, a new HTIME index file is created represents non availability of continuous changelogs. So as long as the requested start and end falls into single HTIME index file and not across, history API should succeed. But History API checks for the changelogs only in first HTIME index file and errors out if not available. Fix: Check in all HTIME index files for availability of continuous changelogs for requested change. fixes: bz#1622549 Change-Id: I80eeceb5afbd1b89f86a9dc4c320e161907d3559 Signed-off-by: Kotresh HR <>
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