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rpc/transport: Missing a ref on dict while creating transport object
while creating rpc_tranpsort object, we store a dictionary without taking a ref on dict but it does an unref during the cleaning of the transport object. So the rpc layer expect the caller to take a ref on the dictionary before passing dict to rpc layer. This leads to a lot of confusion across the code base and leads to ref leaks. Semantically, this is not correct. It is the rpc layer responsibility to take a ref when storing it, and free during the cleanup. I'm listing down the total issues or leaks across the code base because of this confusion. These issues are currently present in the upstream master. 1) changelog_rpc_client_init 2) quota_enforcer_init 3) rpcsvc_create_listeners : when there are two transport, like tcp,rdma. 4) quotad_aggregator_init 5) glusterd: init 6) nfs3_init_state 7) server: init 8) client:init This patch does the cleanup according to the semantics. Change-Id: I46373af9630373eb375ee6de0e6f2bbe2a677425 updates: bz#1659708 Signed-off-by: Mohammed Rafi KC <>
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