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performance/readdir-ahead: Invalidate cached dentries if they're modified while in cache
PROBLEM: Entries that are readdirp'd ahead can undergo modification in terms of writes, truncates which could modify their iatts. When a readdir is finally wound at offset corresponding to these entries, the iatts that are returned to the application come from readdir-ahead's cache, which are stale by now. This problem gets further aggravated when caching translators/modules cache and continue to serve this stale information. FIX: Whenever a dentry undergoes modification, in the cbk of the modification fop, a "dirty" flag (default 0) is set in its inode ctx. When it's time for readdir-ahead to serve these entries, it will read the inode ctx and check if the entry is "dirty", and if it is, set the entry's attrs to all zeroes, as an indicator to fuse, md-cache etc not to cache these attributes. Also there is one tiny race between the entry creation and a readdirp on its parent dir, which could cause the inode-ctx setting and inode ctx reading to happen on two different inode objects. To prevent this, fuse-bridge is made to drop entries for which dentry->inode is not the same as linked inode, in readdirp cbk. Change-Id: If7396507632b5268442ca580473d5155fee9cbef BUG: 1390050 Updates: bz#1390050 Signed-off-by: Krutika Dhananjay <> Signed-off-by: Raghavendra G <>
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