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doc: Added bugs fixed post RC0 to release notes for 3.10v3.10.0rc1
Change-Id: I5e9d7f75b853d144d3ee6eadf1c1ee9be444e00f BUG: 1417735 Signed-off-by: Shyam <> Reviewed-on: CentOS-regression: Gluster Build System <> NetBSD-regression: NetBSD Build System <> Smoke: Gluster Build System <>
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@@ -505,7 +505,6 @@ Bugs addressed since release-3.9 are listed below.
- [#1410355]( Remove-brick rebalance failed while rm -rf is in progress
- [#1410375]( [Mdcache] clients being served wrong information about a file, can lead to file inconsistency
- [#1410777]( ganesha service crashed on all nodes of ganesha cluster on disperse volume when doing lookup while copying files remotely using scp
-- [#1410843]( common-ha: switch to storhaug HA, first step, remove resource agents and setup script
- [#1410853]( glusterfs-server should depend on firewalld-filesystem
- [#1411607]( [Geo-rep] If for some reason MKDIR failed to sync, it should not proceed further.
- [#1411625]( Spurious split-brain error messages are seen in rebalance logs
@@ -538,3 +537,41 @@ Bugs addressed since release-3.9 are listed below.
- [#1418536]( Portmap allocates way too much memory (256KB) on stack
- [#1418541]( [Ganesha+SSL] : Bonnie++ hangs during rewrites.
- [#1418623]( client process crashed due to write behind translator
+- [#1418650]( Samba crash when mounting a distributed dispersed volume over CIFS
+- [#1418981]( Unable to take Statedump for gfapi applications
+- [#1419305]( disable on replica volume creation
+- [#1419306]( [RFE] Need to have group cli option to set all md-cache options using a single command
+- [#1419503]( [SAMBA-SSL] Volume Share hungs when multiple mount & unmount is performed over a windows client on a SSL enabled cluster
+- [#1419696]( Fix spurious failure of ec-background-heal.t and tests/bitrot/bug-1373520.t
+- [#1419824]( repeated operation failed warnings in gluster mount logs with disperse volume
+- [#1419825]( Sequential and Random Writes are off target by 12% and 22% respectively on EC backed volumes over FUSE
+- [#1419846]( removing warning related to enum, to let the build take place without errors for 3.10
+- [#1419855]( [Remove-brick] Hardlink migration fails with "lookup failed (No such file or directory)" error messages in rebalance logs
+- [#1419868]( removing old tier commands under the rebalance commands
+- [#1420606]( glusterd is crashed at the time of stop volume
+- [#1420808]( Trash feature improperly disabled
+- [#1420810]( Massive xlator_t leak in graph-switch code
+- [#1420982]( Automatic split brain resolution must check for all the bricks to be up to avoiding serving of inconsistent data(visible on x3 or more)
+- [#1420987]( warning messages seen in glusterd logs while setting the volume option
+- [#1420989]( when server-quorum is enabled, volume get returns 0 value for server-quorum-ratio
+- [#1420991]( Modified volume options not synced once offline nodes comes up.
+- [#1421017]( CLI option "--timeout" is accepting non numeric and negative values.
+- [#1421956]( Disperse: Fallback to pre-compiled code execution when dynamic code generation fails
+- [#1422350]( glustershd process crashed on systemic setup
+- [#1422363]( [Replicate] "RPC call decoding failed" leading to IO hang & mount inaccessible
+- [#1422391]( Gluster NFS server crashing in __mnt3svc_umountall
+- [#1422766]( Entry heal messages in glustershd.log while no entries shown in heal info
+- [#1422777]( DHT doesn't evenly balance files on FreeBSD with ZFS
+- [#1422819]( [Geo-rep] Recreating geo-rep session with same slave after deleting with reset-sync-time fails to sync
+- [#1422942]( Prevent reverse heal from happening
+- [#1423063]( glusterfs-fuse RPM now depends on gfapi
+- [#1423070]( Bricks not coming up when ran with address sanitizer
+- [#1423385]( Crash in index xlator because of race in inode_ctx_set and inode_ref
+- [#1423406]( Need to improve remove-brick failure message when the brick process is down.
+- [#1423412]( Mount of older client fails
+- [#1423429]( unnecessary logging in rda_opendir
+- [#1424921]( dht_setxattr returns EINVAL when a file is deleted during the FOP
+- [#1424931]( [RFE] Include few more options in virt file
+- [#1424937]( multiple glusterfsd process crashed making the complete subvolume unavailable
+- [#1424973]( remove-brick status shows 0 rebalanced files
+- [#1425556]( glusterd log is flooded with stale disconnect rpc messages