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authorShehjar Tikoo <>2009-06-25 14:31:27 +0000
committerAnand V. Avati <>2009-06-29 10:42:04 -0700
commit76aa99422562a500c3b82cb826ce582576065a83 (patch)
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parent4fd96085c5a029e7be9e24e0c33b13268b290d6b (diff)
booster: Add new booster-specific fd-table
The reason we need a booster specific fd-table is because the libglusterfs fd-table has come to a point where it is optimized for libglusterfs-style of fd allocations. This conflicts with the way booster requires fds to be allocated so this commit brings in a re-based version of a booster-specific fd-table written by Raghu. Signed-off-by: Anand V. Avati <>
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diff --git a/booster/src/ b/booster/src/
index 8202e795..a5158591 100644
--- a/booster/src/
+++ b/booster/src/
@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ xlatordir = $(libdir)/glusterfs/$(PACKAGE_VERSION)/xlator/performance
ldpreload_PROGRAMS =
ldpreloaddir = $(libdir)/glusterfs/
-noinst_HEADERS = booster_fstab.h
-glusterfs_booster_so_SOURCES = booster.c booster_stat.c booster_fstab.c
+noinst_HEADERS = booster_fstab.h booster-fd.h
+glusterfs_booster_so_SOURCES = booster.c booster_stat.c booster_fstab.c booster-fd.c
glusterfs_booster_so_CFLAGS = -I$(top_srcdir)/libglusterfsclient/src/ -D_GNU_SOURCE -D$(GF_HOST_OS) -fPIC -Wall \
glusterfs_booster_so_CPPFLAGS = -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_GNU_SOURCE \