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* Merge branch 'upstream'HEADmasterJeff Darcy2014-04-281-6/+33
| * glusterd/snapshot: Compare and update snapshots during peer handshakeAvra Sengupta2014-04-281-0/+10
| * glusterd/snapshot-handshake: Perform handshake of missed_snaps_list.Avra Sengupta2014-04-251-0/+22
* | Merge branch 'upstream'Jeff Darcy2014-04-221-0/+9
|\ \ | |/
| * cli,glusterd: Improve detach check validationKaushal M2014-04-111-0/+9
* | Roll-up patch for NSR so far.Jeff Darcy2013-12-111-0/+16
* glusterd: Log peer op status at the appropriate timeKrutika Dhananjay2013-06-181-1/+2
* glusterd: Fix misleading log messages of the kind "Node <n> responded to <n>"Krutika Dhananjay2013-05-161-1/+2
* glusterd: Start bricks on glusterd startup, only onceKrishnan Parthasarathi2013-05-151-1/+1
* glusterd: Log hostname of the peer where there is cksum/version mismatchKrutika Dhananjay2013-05-021-1/+2
* glusterd: big lock - a coarse-grained locking to prevent racesKrishnan Parthasarathi2013-04-121-1/+18
* mgmt/glusterd: Implementation of server-side quorumPranith Kumar K2012-11-231-0/+35
* All: License message changeVarun Shastry2012-09-131-7/+6
* All: License message changeVarun Shastry2012-08-281-14/+5
* remove useless if-before-free (and free-like) functionsJim Meyering2012-07-131-12/+6
* glusterd: generate node UUID lazilyAnand Avati2012-06-071-1/+1
* glusterd,cli: Enable errstr for peer detachKaushal M2012-05-181-0/+1
* glusterd: Checked if peer is connected and 'handshaked' before sending updatesKrishnan Parthasarathi2012-03-141-10/+9
* glusterd: Updates on members of cluster must include peer to-be friendedKrishnan Parthasarathi2012-03-131-15/+32
* glusterd: Peer(s) mustn't send updates about members not yet in clusterKrishnan Parthasarathi2012-03-121-1/+5
* glusterfs: An effort to fix all the spell mistakes and typoHarshavardhana2011-11-161-1/+1
* glusterd/cli: rpc cleanupAmar Tumballi2011-11-161-10/+10
* glusterd: cleanup unneeded volumes after peer detachKaushal M2011-10-011-4/+40
* Change Copyright current yearPranith Kumar K2011-08-101-1/+1
* LICENSE: s/GNU Affero General Public/GNU General Public/Pranith Kumar K2011-08-061-3/+3
* spelling corrections in glusterfs codeVishwanath2011-06-231-1/+1
* removed reference to GF_LOG_NORMALAmar Tumballi2011-04-071-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: Fix import friend volumesPranith K2011-03-251-2/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: remodel glusterd storePranith K2011-03-141-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: Handle race in peer connect and reverse probePranith K2011-03-041-6/+59
* glusterd: check for the variable before dereferencing itAmar Tumballi2011-03-041-7/+14
* glusterd: dependency on 'priv->mgmt' completely removedAmar Tumballi2011-03-011-29/+154
* mgmt/glusterd: "peer probe new-hostname" should replace old-hostname of friendPranith K2010-11-131-13/+4
* cli,mgmt/glusterd: fsm log implementationPranith K2010-10-291-11/+11
* Copyright changesVijay Bellur2010-10-111-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: handle reqs from unknown peers for friend smPranith K2010-10-111-1/+6
* mgmt/glusterd: memory leak fixesPranith K2010-10-081-19/+4
* mgmt/glusterd: print state, event names for numbers in friend smPranith K2010-10-081-9/+40
* mgmt/glusterd: cleanup during detachVijay Bellur2010-10-041-6/+14
* mgmt/glusterd: changes for detach everywhereVijay Bellur2010-10-031-5/+58
* mgmt/glusterd: print peer state names instead of state numbersPranith K2010-10-021-0/+19
* mgmt/glusterd: delay probe till connection happensPranith K2010-09-271-86/+57
* cli, mgmt/glusterd: send errno in case of Peer rejectPranith Kumar K2010-09-211-1/+3
* cli, mgmt/glusterd: volume sync commandPranith Kumar K2010-09-201-17/+60
* cli, mgmt/glusterd: disallow probe to a clusterPranith Kumar K2010-09-151-27/+2
* check if the peer is connected before updating friend and send response once ...Raghavendra Bhat2010-09-151-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: make probe one wayPranith Kumar K2010-09-141-1/+62
* rpc: in rpc_clnt_destroy(), cleanup the transport tooAmar Tumballi2010-09-131-1/+1
* mgmt/glusterd: memory leak fixesPranith Kumar K2010-09-021-0/+51
* mgmt/glusterd: memory leak fixesPranith Kumar K2010-08-311-1/+1