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+Regression tests framework for GlusterFS
+## Prereq
+- Build and install the version of glusterfs with your changes. Make
+ sure the installed version is accessible from $PATH.
+## How-To
+- To mount glusterfs, NEVER use 'mount -t glusterfs', instead use
+ 'glusterfs -s ' method. This is because with the patch build setup
+ doesnot install the /sbin/mount.glusterfs necessary, where as the
+ glusterfs binary will be accessible with $PATH, and will pick the
+ right version.
+- (optional) Set environment variables to specify location of
+ export directories and mount points. Unless you have special
+ requirements, the defaults should just work. The variables
+ themselves can be found at the top of tests/include.rc. All
+ of them can be overriden with environment variables.
+## Usage
+- Execute `/usr/share/glusterfs/` as root.
+- If some test cases fail, report to GlusterFS community at
+ ``.
+## Reminder
+- BE WARNED THAT THE TEST CASES DELETE /var/lib/glusterd/* !!! \ No newline at end of file