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+### current
+The number of the current interface exported by the library. A current value
+of '1', means that you are calling the interface exported by this library
+interface 1.
+### revision
+The implementation number of the most recent interface exported by this library.
+In this case, a revision value of `0` means that this is the first
+implementation of the interface.
+If the next release of this library exports the same interface, but has a
+different implementation (perhaps some bugs have been fixed), the revision
+number will be higher, but current number will be the same. In that case, when
+given a choice, the library with the highest revision will always be used by
+the runtime loader.
+### age
+The number of previous additional interfaces supported by this library. If age
+were '2', then this library can be linked into executables which were built with
+a release of this library that exported the current interface number, current,
+or any of the previous two interfaces. By definition age must be less than or
+equal to current. At the outset, only the first ever interface is implemented,
+so age can only be `0'.
+For every release of the library `-version-info` argument needs to be set
+correctly depending on any interface changes you have made.
+This is quite straightforward when you understand what the three numbers mean:
+If you have changed any of the sources for this library, the revision number
+must be incremented. This is a new revision of the current interface. If the
+interface has changed, then current must be incremented, and revision reset
+to '0'.
+This is the first revision of a new interface. If the new interface is a
+superset of the previous interface (that is, if the previous interface has not
+been broken by the changes in this new release), then age must be incremented.
+This release is backwards compatible with the previous release.