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authorArun Kumar <arukumar@arukumar.remote.csb>2019-09-16 10:00:16 +0530
committerVaibhav Mahajan <>2019-12-26 12:25:25 +0000
commit5ae45abc159a37af04c43acf45dd4b0a21f323a2 (patch)
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Add TC and config data for metrics
Test case to validate metrics add config data for metrics add config data of registry namespace to validate metrics Change-Id: I4886482ee33847f506ad898d4a313df866d0348c
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diff --git a/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/ b/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/
index c8460d1a..da8225a5 100644
--- a/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/
+++ b/openshift-storage-libs/openshiftstoragelibs/
@@ -1102,36 +1102,39 @@ def wait_for_pods_be_ready(
raise exceptions.ExecutionError(err_msg)
-def get_pod_names_from_dc(hostname, dc_name, timeout=180, wait_step=3):
+def get_pod_names_from_dc_or_rc(
+ hostname, rname, rtype='dc', timeout=180, wait_step=3):
"""Return list of POD names by their DC.
hostname (str): hostname on which 'oc' commands will be executed.
- dc_name (str): deployment_confidg name
+ rname (str): deployment_config name or replication_controller name
+ rtype (str): resource type, 'dc' or 'rc', Default value is 'rc'
timeout (int): timeout value. Default value is 180 sec.
wait_step( int): Wait step, default value is 3 sec.
list: list of strings which are POD names
Raises: exceptions.ExecutionError
+ if rtype not in ('dc', 'rc'):
+ raise NameError("Value of rtype should be either 'dc' or 'rc'.")
get_replicas_amount_cmd = (
- "oc get dc --no-headers --all-namespaces "
+ "oc get %s --no-headers --all-namespaces "
"-o=custom-columns=:.spec.replicas, "
- "| grep '%s' | awk '{print $1}'" % dc_name)
- replicas = int(command.cmd_run(
- get_replicas_amount_cmd, hostname=hostname))
+ "| grep '%s' | awk '{print $1}'" % (rtype, rname))
get_pod_names_cmd = (
"oc get pods --all-namespaces "
- "--no-headers=true --selector deploymentconfig=%s" % dc_name)
+ "--no-headers=true --selector %s=%s" % (
+ "deploymentconfig" if rtype == "dc" else "name", rname))
+ replicas = int(command.cmd_run(get_replicas_amount_cmd, hostname=hostname))
for w in waiter.Waiter(timeout, wait_step):
out = command.cmd_run(get_pod_names_cmd, hostname=hostname)
pod_names = [o.strip() for o in out.split('\n') if o.strip()]
if len(pod_names) != replicas:
- "POD names for '%s' DC are '%s'. "
- "Expected amount of PODs is '%s'.", dc_name, out, replicas)
+ "POD names for '%s %s' are '%s'. "
+ "Expected amount of PODs is '%s'.", rname, rtype, out, replicas)
return pod_names
if w.expired:
err_msg = ("Exceeded %s sec timeout waiting for PODs to appear "
@@ -1140,11 +1143,21 @@ def get_pod_names_from_dc(hostname, dc_name, timeout=180, wait_step=3):
raise exceptions.ExecutionError(err_msg)
+def get_pod_names_from_dc(hostname, rname, timeout=180, wait_step=3):
+ return get_pod_names_from_dc_or_rc(
+ hostname, rname, timeout=timeout, wait_step=wait_step)
def get_pod_name_from_dc(hostname, dc_name, timeout=180, wait_step=3):
- return get_pod_names_from_dc(
+ return get_pod_names_from_dc_or_rc(
hostname, dc_name, timeout=timeout, wait_step=wait_step)[0]
+def get_pod_name_from_rc(hostname, rc_name, timeout=180, wait_step=3):
+ return get_pod_names_from_dc_or_rc(
+ hostname, rc_name, rtype='rc', timeout=timeout, wait_step=wait_step)[0]
def get_pvc_status(hostname, pvc_name):
This function verifies the if pod is running