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Refactor heketi device test cases
List of changes - 1. Remove test file '' as it contains only one test case which can be part of test file '' 2. Change test case name 'test_device_enable_disable' to 'test_heketi_device_enable_disable' 3. Change test case name 'test_device_remove_operation' to 'test_heketi_device_remove' 4. Change test case name 'test_heketi_with_device_removal_insuff_space' to 'test_heketi_device_removal_with_insuff_space' 5. Chnage test case name 'test_heketi_device_delete_operation' to 'test_heketi_device_delete' 6. Move test case 'test_heketi_devices_info_verification' to '' and rename as 'test_heketi_device_info' Change-Id: I8ddc9beb7bc697214242212e50c9727ce644f2c1 Signed-off-by: vamahaja <>
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