path: root/xlators/mount/fuse/src/fuse-bridge.h
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* mount/fuse: Inherit direct-io-mode values from fds alreadyrelease-3.1Raghavendra G2012-03-181-0/+7
* Change Copyright current yearPranith Kumar K2011-08-101-1/+1
* LICENSE: s/GNU Affero General Public/GNU General Public/v3.1.6qa6Pranith Kumar K2011-08-061-3/+3
* mnt/fuse: Do a pthread_cond_broadcast for both CHILD_UP and CHILD_DOWN events.Raghavendra G2011-07-011-1/+1
* fuse-resolve: correction in resolve logicAmar Tumballi2011-02-221-8/+10
* implement "--client-pid" option which can forcibly set the pid value in messa...Csaba Henk2011-01-271-0/+3
* Copyright changesVijay Bellur2010-10-111-1/+1
* Change GNU GPL to GNU AGPLPranith K2010-10-041-3/+3
* Add log-level option to command volume setshishir gowda2010-10-041-1/+0
* Changes to replace flock with gf_flock across GlusterFS.Pavan Sondur2010-10-011-1/+1
* gfid: set request gfids for new entries in fuseAnand Avati2010-09-041-0/+3
* Revert "fuse: introduce pre-test micro-framework, check for execve-over-direc...Vijay Bellur2010-09-031-4/+0
* fuse: introduce pre-test micro-framework, check for execve-over-direct-IOCsaba Henk2010-09-021-0/+4
* check whether xlator is NULL in FUSE_FOP macroRaghavendra Bhat2010-08-211-4/+13
* logging enhancementsAmar Tumballi2010-08-121-0/+2
* fuse resolve related changesAmar Tumballi2010-08-111-0/+277