path: root/mod_glusterfs/lighttpd
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* Changed occurrences of Z Research to Gluster.Vijay Bellur2009-10-074-4/+4
* Fix mismatch in size of used buffer to prevent an infinite loopPavan Sondur2009-05-291-1/+1
* mod_glusterfs/lighttpd/1.4: port to use virtual mountpoints.Raghavendra G2009-04-232-17/+15
* mod_glusterfs/lighttpd/1.4: ensure each line is no more than 80 charactersRaghavendra G2009-04-231-39/+58
* mod_glusterfs/lighttpd/1.4 port and memory leak fixesRaghavendra G2009-04-032-99/+196
* updated copyright header to extend copyright upto 2009Basavanagowda Kanur2009-02-264-4/+4
* change MALLOC to mallocRaghavendra G2009-02-252-3/+3
* Added all filesVikas Gorur2009-02-1811-0/+3424