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+Using the Gluster Console Manager – Command Line Utility
+The Gluster Console Manager is a single command line utility that
+simplifies configuration and management of your storage environment. The
+Gluster Console Manager is similar to the LVM (Logical Volume Manager)
+CLI or ZFS Command Line Interface, but across multiple storage servers.
+You can use the Gluster Console Manager online, while volumes are
+mounted and active. Gluster automatically synchronizes volume
+configuration information across all Gluster servers.
+Using the Gluster Console Manager, you can create new volumes, start
+volumes, and stop volumes, as required. You can also add bricks to
+volumes, remove bricks from existing volumes, as well as change
+translator settings, among other operations.
+You can also use the commands to create scripts for automation, as well
+as use the commands as an API to allow integration with third-party
+**Running the Gluster Console Manager**
+You can run the Gluster Console Manager on any GlusterFS server either
+by invoking the commands or by running the Gluster CLI in interactive
+mode. You can also use the gluster command remotely using SSH.
+- To run commands directly:
+ ` # gluster peer `
+ For example:
+ ` # gluster peer status `
+- To run the Gluster Console Manager in interactive mode
+ `# gluster`
+ You can execute gluster commands from the Console Manager prompt:
+ ` gluster> `
+ For example, to view the status of the peer server:
+ \# `gluster `
+ `gluster > peer status `
+ Display the status of the peer.