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authorAnand V. Avati <>2009-05-07 01:24:41 +0530
committerAnand V. Avati <>2009-05-07 01:24:41 +0530
commitf9f5519b66a25651eb03de577f68d481abdd4c40 (patch)
treeb87c19fa62033da1dbc8a11ce6dbd5a9cb3b3ad8 /xlators/protocol/server/src/server-protocol.c
parent12eb832e255a1abb90434ab3e0d1e1632ae7ce03 (diff)
transport shortcut b/w client and server
This patch makes the server pass back the transport pointer of the client. If the UUID matches, the client makes the local transport 'shortcut' with the remote transport (pointer received from server) The shortcut simulates a socket queue. Instead of serialized messages going over the network and getting queued in the tcp socket queue, the messages get queued in a transport specific queue picked by a polling thread.
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/xlators/protocol/server/src/server-protocol.c b/xlators/protocol/server/src/server-protocol.c
index 92cdda2..7fc379e 100644
--- a/xlators/protocol/server/src/server-protocol.c
+++ b/xlators/protocol/server/src/server-protocol.c
@@ -7085,6 +7085,9 @@ mop_setvolume (call_frame_t *frame, xlator_t *bound_xl,
ret = dict_set_str (reply, "process-uuid",
+ ret = dict_set_uint64 (reply, "transport-ptr",
+ ((uint64_t) (long) trans));
dict_len = dict_serialized_length (reply);
if (dict_len < 0) {