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added migration script from unify based setup to distribute based setup
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+# This is a template script which can be used to migrate the GlusterFS
+# storage infrastructure from 'cluster/unify' to 'cluster/distribute'
+# This script needs to be executed on the machine where namespace volume
+# of 'cluster/unify' translator resides. And also, one need to mount the
+# new 'cluster/distribute' volume with "option lookup-unhashed yes" on
+# the same machine.
+# If the namespace volume was replicated (ie, afr'ed), then this can be
+# executed just on one of the namespace machines..
+# Only the variables defined below needs to be changed to appropriate path
+# This is export from old 'cluster/unify' volume's namespace volume.
+# This is the new mount point with 'cluster/distribute' volume
+cd ${namespace_export};
+find . -exec stat ${distribute_mount}/{} \;