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Commit package making files for FreeBSD and Solaris platform.
Commit for package making related files for FreeBSD and Solaris. These files are supposed to be in repository to not loose track and update them as needed. I will update them soon for upcoming release where we support Solaris on ib fabric also. Signed-off-by: Anand V. Avati <>
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+MD5 (glusterfs-2.0.0rc1.tar.gz) = efe5ab416c27c824bb9746896d18df14
+SHA256 (glusterfs-2.0.0rc1.tar.gz) = c68d443662b6822728955de8621b09c0cc1d3834ef9b5378acb89c19d4210db7
+SIZE (glusterfs-2.0.0rc1.tar.gz) = 2221622