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-This document serves as a basic coding standard/practise for further
-developments after proper protocol layer is implemented.
-With this release we are bringing abstraction based on xlator driven
-operation and protocol driven operation. ie, all the client side (fuse)
-operations are xlator driven operations and will come with 'op' value
-taken from 'libglusterfs/'.
-All the server protocol driven operations are driven by which ever
-version of protocol is used.
-All the currently implemented fops will remain, and 'getspec' being generated
-by top level and passes through translator graph, is treated as an 'fop'.
-All new 'gluster' and 'glusterd' related calls will be _mgmt_ calls instead of
-fops. All release, releasedir and forget are treated as fops (but they won't
-come with requirement to use STACK_WIND and STACK_UNWIND).