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* Automate functional testsLuis Pabon2013-07-038-0/+312
* OpenStack Swift Functional Tests for G4SLuis Pabon2013-06-285-19/+531
* object-storage: remove stat of directoriesMohammed Junaid2013-06-271-246/+5
* object-storage: Use fchown instead of chown.Mohammed Junaid2013-06-271-0/+39
* Copy OpenStack Swift (Grizzly) Functional testsLuis Pabon2013-06-148-0/+3853
* Return correct status when deleting non-existing containerLuis Pabon2013-06-112-0/+69
* Refactor DiskDir and DiskAccount to use DiskCommonPeter Portante2013-06-071-120/+36
* Change filters to use a generator patternPeter Portante2013-06-061-43/+208
* Forward port PDQ 3489: turn off cont & act updatesPeter Portante2013-06-041-1/+48
* Copy proxy unit test from OpenStack SwiftLuis Pabon2013-06-033-14/+5939
* Remove account name from being saved in the objectLuis Pabon2013-06-031-0/+14
* Bring initial DiskDir module coverage to 97%.Peter Portante2013-06-032-27/+735
* Moved closing of fd1 to the inner try block in the test_do_write_err function.Mohammed Junaid2013-05-301-3/+3
* Remove duplicate class names.Peter Portante2013-05-292-3/+3
* Unittest case for constraints.pyMohammed Junaid2013-05-291-0/+96
* Added some more unittest cases for fs_utils file.Mohammed Junaid2013-05-291-20/+143
* Remove unused is_marker method from utils.Peter Portante2013-05-281-14/+0
* Add skeleton unit tests for app server subclassesPeter Portante2013-05-248-0/+131
* Bring DiskFile module coverge to 100%Peter Portante2013-05-241-16/+18
* Add coverage for gluster.swift module (PkgInfo).Peter Portante2013-05-241-0/+53
* Add DiskDir unit test skeleton and pep8 filterPeter Portante2013-05-242-9/+575
* object-store: Added busy_wait unit test to Glusterfs.pyLuis Pabon2013-05-171-0/+22
* object-storage: Remove lines that are not neededLuis Pabon2013-05-141-2/+0
* Fix failing Glusterfs object unit testPeter Portante2013-05-101-1/+1
* Remove "ufo" directory, promoting contents to top-levelPeter Portante2013-05-1021-0/+2526