path: root/gluster/swift/common/middleware/gswauth/bin
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* fix error handing in swauth toolsThiago da Silva2014-01-148-40/+117
* fixed gswauth cmd tools to require admin key argumentThiago da Silva2014-01-088-15/+35
* Fix users not able to change their own password/keyPrashanth Pai2014-01-081-11/+19
* removing -s option from gswauth toolsThiago da Silva2014-01-072-16/+0
* Fix typo and add commentPrashanth Pai2013-12-166-6/+6
* renaming swauth tools to gswauthThiago da Silva2013-12-118-12/+12
* gswauth: Fix 403 being returned instead of 401Prashanth Pai2013-12-058-7/+67
* adding tabular output to swauth-listThiago da Silva2013-11-291-5/+17
* GSWauth authentication to be based on SWauthLuis Pabon2013-10-138-0/+671