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+#!/bin/sh -x
+# For Fedora/RHEL ONLY
+if [ $EUID -ne 0 ]; then
+ echo "This script must be run as root"
+ exit 1
+# Stop Apache and Swift services if running
+swift-init main stop
+service httpd stop
+# Install Apache and mod_wsgi
+yum install httpd mod_wsgi
+# Create a directory for Apache wsgi files
+mkdir -p /var/www/swift
+# Create a directory for swift which it'll use as home
+mkdir -p /var/lib/swift
+# Copy wsgi files for each of the four swift services
+cp ./conf/*wsgi /var/www/swift/
+# Copy swift httpd config file
+cp ./conf/swift_wsgi.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/
+# Change owner of conf files to swift
+chown swift:swift /etc/swift/*
+# Check if SElinux is set to permissive/disabled
+if [ $selinux_mode == "Enforcing" ]; then
+ echo "SElinux is set to Enforcing. Change it to Permissive or Disabled \
+by editing /etc/sysconfig/selinux"
+ echo "You will need to reboot your system for the changed value to take \
+ exit 1
+echo "Successfully configured Apache as frontend for Swift."
+echo "Make sure GlusterFS volume is mounted at /mnt/gluster-object/<vol-name> \
+before starting httpd"