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diff --git a/etc/proxy-server.conf-gluster b/etc/proxy-server.conf-gluster
index 32182b9..92f8083 100644
--- a/etc/proxy-server.conf-gluster
+++ b/etc/proxy-server.conf-gluster
@@ -16,6 +16,11 @@ log_level = WARN
# or delete an account. So leave this off.
allow_account_management = false
account_autocreate = true
+# Ensure the proxy server uses fast-POSTs since we don't need to make a copy
+# of the entire object given that all metadata is stored in the object
+# extended attributes (no .meta file used after creation) and no container
+# sync feature to present.
+object_post_as_copy = false
# Only need to recheck the account exists once a day
recheck_account_existence = 86400
# May want to consider bumping this up if containers are created and destroyed