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authorThiago da Silva <>2013-12-03 18:42:23 -0500
committerLuis Pabon <>2013-12-11 04:12:10 -0800
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renaming swauth tools to gswauth
cli tools for account and user mgmt have been renamed from swauth-* to gswauth-* Updated other configuration and test files accordingly Change-Id: Iced3bb27fbd09da45754ddb264f8fb4528ab423c Signed-off-by: Thiago da Silva <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: pushpesh sharma <> Tested-by: pushpesh sharma <> Reviewed-by: Shilpa MJ <> Tested-by: Shilpa MJ <> Reviewed-by: Luis Pabon <> Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Luis Pabon <>
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diff --git a/test/functional_auth/gswauth/ b/test/functional_auth/gswauth/
index f81f35e..13deb69 100644
--- a/test/functional_auth/gswauth/
+++ b/test/functional_auth/gswauth/
@@ -27,35 +27,35 @@ class Utils:
def addAccount(self,account_name,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-add-account %s -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (account_name,authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-add-account %s -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (account_name,authurl, user, key))
def deleteAccount(self,account_name,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-delete-account %s -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (account_name,authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-delete-account %s -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (account_name,authurl, user, key))
def listAccounts(self,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-list -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-list -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (authurl, user, key))
def swauthPrep(self,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-prep -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-prep -A %s -U %s -K %s' % (authurl, user, key))
def addAdminUser(self,account_name,username,password,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-add-user -a %s %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name,username,password,authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-add-user -a %s %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name,username,password,authurl, user, key))
def addUser(self,account_name,username,password,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-add-user %s %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name,username,password,authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-add-user %s %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name,username,password,authurl, user, key))
def addResellerAdminUser(self,account_name,username,password,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-add-user -r %s %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name, username, password, authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-add-user -r %s %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name, username, password, authurl, user, key))
def deleteUser(self,account_name,username,authurl='',user=config['admin_user'],key=config['admin_key']):
- return commands.getstatusoutput('swauth-delete-user %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name, username, authurl, user, key))
+ return commands.getstatusoutput('gswauth-delete-user %s %s -A %s -U %s -K %s'% (account_name, username, authurl, user, key))
def cleanAll(self):
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ class TestSwauthPrep(unittest.TestCase):
def testSwauthPrep(self):
- self.assertEqual(status, 0, 'swuath prep failed with valid credentials'+output)
+ self.assertEqual(status, 0, 'swauth prep failed with valid credentials'+output)
self.assertEqual('Usage' in output,True, 'Invalid swauth-prep request accepted(no key provided): '+output)