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first gswauth functional tests
commiting first gswauth functional tests. Currently there are two tests, to create account and to create an user. Each test is self contained in that it goes through the process of creating and deleting accounts and users as needed. More tests will be added shortly. Change-Id: I26d577790aed8c79c9de11f224516423e9769962 Signed-off-by: Thiago da Silva <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Luis Pabon <> Tested-by: Luis Pabon <> Signed-off-by: Thiago da Silva <> Reviewed-on:
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+devices = /mnt/gluster-object
+# Once you are confident that your startup processes will always have your
+# gluster volumes properly mounted *before* the object-server workers start,
+# you can *consider* setting this value to "false" to reduce the per-request
+# overhead it can incur.
+# *** Keep false for Functional Tests ***
+mount_check = false
+bind_port = 6010
+# Maximum number of clients one worker can process simultaneously (it will
+# actually accept N + 1). Setting this to one (1) will only handle one request
+# at a time, without accepting another request concurrently. By increasing the
+# number of workers to a much higher value, one can prevent slow file system
+# operations for one request from starving other requests.
+max_clients = 1024
+# If not doing the above, setting this value initially to match the number of
+# CPUs is a good starting point for determining the right value.
+workers = 1
+# Override swift's default behaviour for fallocate.
+disable_fallocate = true
+pipeline = object-server
+use = egg:gluster_swift#object
+user = root
+log_facility = LOG_LOCAL2
+log_level = WARN
+# For performance, after ensuring things are running in a stable manner, you
+# can turn off normal request logging for the object server to reduce the
+# per-request overhead and unclutter the log files. Warnings and errors will
+# still be logged.
+log_requests = off
+# Adjust this value to match the stripe width of the underlying storage array
+# (not the stripe element size). This will provide a reasonable starting point
+# for tuning this value.
+disk_chunk_size = 65536
+# Adjust this value match whatever is set for the disk_chunk_size initially.
+# This will provide a reasonable starting point for tuning this value.
+network_chunk_size = 65556