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Restart memcached after clean-up-token --purge-all
Bug: Recommended way is to flush the cached tokens from memcached after gswauth-clean-up-token. As currently there is no way to flush only those tokens from memcached. So a debug message recommending restart of the memcached. A quick fix. Bigger fix would come in later. Older cached tokens should be flushed/invalidated to let access path work correctly with valid and new tokens. Change-Id: Ic7a820eb3c60bac4829d5c5230cb3a5241b77957 Signed-off-by: Chetan Risbud <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Prashanth Pai <> Tested-by: Prashanth Pai <> Reviewed-by: pushpesh sharma <> Tested-by: pushpesh sharma <>
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