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Automate functional tests
By storing the functional tests configuration files in the repo, we can now run the to setup, run the functional tests, and teardown. Most likely this will be able to be run as a user from the same directory as the repo, but at the moment, the configuration files are copied to /etc/swift. The only requirements are: 1. /etc/swift does not exist. That way the tests will not interfere with an existing deployment. 2. /mnt/gluster-object/test and /mnt/gluster-object/test2 must have been created and setup correctly on an XFS or GlusterFS volume 3. sudo rights without password prompt 4. glusterfs-openstack-swift-* rpm must not be installed on the system Once the requirements are met, you can execute the tests as follows: $ bash tools/ Change-Id: Icdbcd420355b02e64f294df7298a3e473b343655 Signed-off-by: Luis Pabon <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Peter Portante <>
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