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rfc: refactor to make more usable and friendly
Usage: [OPTION]... [ <REVIEWER> ]... Options: -a ask for Bug ID addition. This option is set by default for non 'master' branches. -b BRANCH use BRANCH to submitting patch. Default branch is 'master'. -d dry run. Show what command to run. -n do not fetch origin. -t TOPIC use TOPIC to submitting patch. -h display this help text and exit. By default, BUGID is used as topic in patch submission. If TOPIC and BUGID are used together, TOPIC gets used. Examples: # submit patch to master branch without reviewer $ # submit patch to master branch with reviewer $ # submit patch to release-3.0 branch with topic "awesome feature" and # reviewers $ -b release-3.0 -t "awesome feature" Change-Id: I6ca6f4ad70ea3a902c3415a12a12c3e46e79adef Signed-off-by: Bala.FA <> Reviewed-on:
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