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committerSahina Bose <>2014-05-02 06:16:03 -0700
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Run check gluster process status as a daemon
Enhanced to send specific gluster related process status only when there is a change detected in a service status or for any critical status to avoid too many logs in the nagios service side. Change-Id: I26e389ae2d1ccba1b5ccadc45d202d3b5219c74a Signed-off-by: Timothy Asir <> Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Sahina Bose <> Tested-by: Timothy Asir <>
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diff --git a/plugins/ b/plugins/
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--- a/plugins/
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@@ -43,6 +43,12 @@ def getNagiosClusterName():
return config.get('NAGIOS-DEFINTIONS', 'cluster_name')
+def getProcessMonitorSleepTime():
+ config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
+ return config.get('HOST-CONF', 'proc-mon-sleep-time')
def send_to_nsca(hostName, serviceName, exitStatus, resultString):
cmddata = '%s\t%s\t%s\t%s\n' % (hostName,