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* clang-scan: make the threashold as 65 from 140Amar Tumballi2019-06-241-1/+1
* Use fedora builder and fedora29 mock config for clang jobDeepshikha khandelwal2019-03-221-2/+2
* More refactoring, as suggested by DeepshikaMichael Scherer2019-03-221-1/+5
* Remove timeout in clang jobDeepshikha khandelwal2019-02-211-4/+0
* Add timeouts to all jobs without oneNigel Babu2019-02-051-1/+5
* Update clang job to not check for Dead StoresNigel Babu2018-08-101-1/+1
* Change the SCM to just use default GerritNigel Babu2018-07-271-6/+1
* Change the scm URL from github to gerritdkhandel2018-07-261-1/+1
* Fix mock for clangNigel Babu2018-03-191-1/+1
* Add a nightly pipeline job for masterNigel Babu2018-03-191-3/+0
* Change the trigger time of all the periodic tests to the eveningdeepshikhaaa2017-11-221-1/+1
* Run clang in a fedora chrootNigel Babu2017-08-141-1/+7
* Added a clang scan-build job to gluster pipelinedeepshikhaaa2017-07-201-0/+43